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Advanced Network Solutions is a company established in 2003 that has expanded in the area of IT consulting and management of web hosting, domain names, newsletter circulation and security auditing, through its subsidiary companies / and

A.N.S. offers Data Center services in Greece, with private owned equipment located in Verizon, in France and Germany through the largest European Data Centers providing high quality servers and services.

Advanced Network Solutions

     We put Servers on racks not customers!!


Web Hosting in Greece and Europe

Provides domain names, web hosting in Linux and Windows servers, dedicated servers in Greece and abroad, VPS in Greece and abroad and Plesk Reseller Packs for hosting resellers.

Newsletter | Email Marketing | Newsletter Templates

Delivers professional and personalized newsletters with statistics to the subscribers and manages the templates of the newsletters customers send in.

Website vulnerability assessments • PCI-DSS audits • Penetration tests

Provides website auditing: checks websites for malware or security breaches. Also, provides Network Auditing, which means monitoring of the network and its services for possible threats to its security and function, running server and network penetration tests. In addition, it provides Code auditing, checking a website’s or an application’s code for possible security breaches.
Through daily website vulnerability monitoring, we are able to see which websites have been hacked, compromised or defaced and send security warnings to the site owners.

          Stay informed, stay secure!!

All 3 sites are fully integrated with a single user login so that our customers can manage their products and services from all our sites with the same account while we are already working on the next services sites what will be implemented under the ANS umbrella.


Our goal is to provide innovative and high quality cost efficient services along with 24 x 7 technical support through our ticketing systems.

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