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Facebook is down!! — UPDATED

That’s new, Facebook DNS gone crazy?
Facebook is down all over the world, this must be their worst outage in their history from what seems to be a DNS error.
It should only take a while to have it up again but that’s a major failure not expected from the so far stable service of Facebook.
Live stream from all over the world mention losing access on the last 10 minutes when many people had problems with images and …

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Facebook outage 07.03.2012

Panic spread across parts of Europe and Asia this morning, when social media users could not log into Facebook. Perplexed tweets mirror the confusion:
“Steve Rickman ? @srickman33: #Facebook is down across Europe. Who left Greece in charge of the Internet bill??
Users in England, Ireland, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Russia and Turkey reported that they were unable to reach the site, this morning. Some speculated that this was the work of hackers such as Anonymous or Lulzsec.
Facebook had to …

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