National Bank of Greece phishing e-mail

A new phishing e-mail is on the run, claiming to be from (National Bank of Greece), requesting to click on a link in order to have credit and debit card changed and personal info updated.

Needless to say once again that you should never click on such links, there is no bank in the world that will request personal information through e-mail and not prompt you logging into your web banking account with your credentials and token (if available). One easy way to check that a message link is fraud is to move the mouse over the link without clicking it and check if the mentioned domain ( in our example) is the same with the link that you will be redirected.

This phishing e-mail is originated by, using a WordPress and it looks like his akismet (antispam) module is compromised (possibly due to no updates)

Take care, stay informed, stay secure!

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